SHP's Services

SHP prides itself on its ability to maximize insurance recovery on behalf of our clients in a professional and courteous manner. Our reputation in the clinical, regulatory and insurance communities enables our company to achieve a quick and beneficial resolution on behalf of our clients.

To find out more, explore our service areas below.

Claim Denials and Appeal Management

SHP leverages in-house attorney, clinical, and specialist resources to collect revenues lost through clinical and technical denials and to overcome administrative delays by insurance companies.

Our experienced staff is able to quickly resolve complex denials, improving cash flow while reducing aging accounts receivables, denials, and administrative write-offs.  SHP provides unparalleled identification and resolution of the root causes of insurance denials.

Workers' Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accidents

SHP leverages in-house attorneys and claims specialists to navigate the highly complex world of workers’ compensation and motor vehicle accident (“MVA”) claims.

Our skilled staff applies their experience and knowledge of the applicable laws in each jurisdiction to produce industry-leading results.  SHP works directly with payers, adjusters, and attorneys to achieve optimal resolution for our clients, successfully shepherding workers’ compensation and MVA claims from patient discharge through resolution and payment.

Management Consulting and Interim Management

SHP’s team of experienced healthcare executives provides invaluable interim management and management consulting services to our clients.

SHP has successfully assisted our clients with developing appeals management programs, key performance indicators, and payer accountability programs, as well as dashboard data analysis, metric management, operations structuring and compensation, vendor management, and portfolio valuation.

SHP’s efforts have resulted in the reorganization and redistribution of client resources, leading to improved efficiency in all areas of the revenue cycle and accelerated and increased revenue for our clients.  Our experience allows us to accurately assess a variety of revenue cycle obstacles and to quickly implement highly effective solutions.